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We place enormous emphasis on employing effective leadership to establish mutual respect and camaraderie, encourage proactive problem-solving, facilitate communication, promote transparency through accurate and regular reporting, and create an environment where individuals and companies work together openly and efficiently. On top of this, CapEX Cumming offers clients a comprehensive menu of integrated services, from project management and cost estimating to scheduling and energy consulting, to name a few. We can provide each of these services together, in a cohesive management role, or we can deliver a customized mix of them in a way that meets your specific needs.

Leadership, expertise, and flexibility — it really is that simple. Furthermore, CapEX Cumming has direct access to the full resources and expertise of the larger Cumming organization, which has more than 950 team members offering the same comprehensive set of services. No matter your project, no matter the location, CapEX Cumming has you covered.

Owner Representation & Project Management

CapEX Cumming leads project teams through the entire project process, from pre-planning through post-construction. Our proactive approach begins well before the construction phase and eliminates the risk of ill-informed decision-making.

  • Early involvement

  • Predictable outcomes

  • Proven solutions

Cost Management & Estimating

CapEX Cumming’s cost management experts are known for the accuracy of their estimates and budgets, and deliver continuous cost guidance to our internal teams and outside clients.


  • Accurate and actionable cost solutions

  • Vast sector knowledge

  • Early and continuous involvement

Scheduling & Dispute Resolution

CapEX Cumming’s construction, litigation, and scheduling professionals evaluate and resolve all forms of construction disputes. When brought in early, our team is able to initiate controls to avoid claims and litigation altogether.

  • Accurate and reliable schedules

  • Risk mitigation

  • Claims resolution

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Energy & Sustainability Solutions

CapEX Cumming helps clients understand their energy inefficiencies and options. We present solutions that not only minimize impacts to the environment, but also save money.

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Renewable energy alternatives

  • Achievement of sustainability and conservation goals

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